Mentorship Program

Midwest Academy of Management Academic Mentorship Program

Program Overview:

The Midwest Academy of Management (MWAOM) is pleased to introduce its Academic Mentorship Program, designed to connect aspiring academics with established professionals in the field. This program focuses on research, teaching, and administrative aspects of career development for MWAOM members. The mentorship program aims to provide structured guidance and support to mentees, fostering their growth and success in academia.

Program Purpose:

The primary objective of the MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program is to facilitate the professional development of early-career academics. Mentees will benefit from the valuable experience, knowledge, and insights of their mentors, who will guide them in navigating the complexities of research, teaching, and administration. By fostering these key areas, the program aims to enhance the mentees’ career prospects and academic growth.

Benefits of Participation:

Participating as a mentor or mentee in the MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program offers numerous benefits. For mentees, it provides a unique opportunity to receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals, gaining valuable insights that can shape their academic journey. Mentors have the chance to make a significant impact by sharing their expertise, contributing to the growth and development of the next generation of academics. Both mentors and mentees will have the chance to build lasting professional relationships and expand their networks within the Midwest academic community.

Fit for the Program:

The MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program welcomes participants who are passionate about research, teaching, and administration. Mentees should demonstrate a strong commitment to their career development, along with the willingness to actively engage with their mentors. Mentors should possess extensive experience in academia and be willing to dedicate their time and knowledge to guide and support mentees.

What the Program Is Not:

The MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program is not meant to facilitate research collaboration relationships. Though participants may choose to collaborate outside the mentorship program if they mutually decide to pursue research projects together, the primary focus of this program is to provide structured guidance and support for the mentees’ overall career development.

Interaction Recommendations:

MWAOM recognizes the importance of flexibility and autonomy in the mentorship relationship. The program does not mandate the frequency, duration, or content of the interactions, allowing participants to tailor their engagement based on their needs and schedules. However, to ensure meaningful connections and progress, it is recommended that mentors and mentees meet approximately four times throughout the year. These interactions can include virtual meetings, email correspondence, phone calls, or other mutually agreed-upon communication methods.

Program Duration:

The MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program will run from Fall 2023 to Fall 2024, providing participants with an extended period to engage in a meaningful mentorship relationship. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to establish a timeline and set specific goals at the beginning of the program to guide their interactions and maximize the benefits of the mentorship experience.

Join the MWAOM Academic Mentorship Program and embark on a journey of growth, learning, and professional development. Together, we can shape the future of academia in the Midwest region.


For more information and to register for the program, please visit this link.