Special Issue

Journal of Managerial Issues (JMI) - MWAOM Special Issue

The Journal of Managerial Issues (JMI) and the Midwest Academy of Management (MWAOM) collaborate to put out an annual special Issue collaboration. Since the inception of our partnership in 2022, this collaboration has consistently delivered thought-provoking research from the MWAOM conference to the broader academic community.

About JMI: JMI, a peer-reviewed journal with over 30 years of establishment, is well-recognized in the Midwest region and beyond. Indexed in various listings (see JMI website for the full list), it is a platform dedicated to advancing management theory and research.

Special Issue Process: The JMI-MWAOM Special Issue aims to showcase the top papers from the MWAOM conference. Based on conference reviews, selected papers are invited to progress through the review process for potential publication in the subsequent Summer issue of JMI. The review cycle spans from August to February, culminating in final decisions by the end of February.

Please note that submitting to the conference does not obligate you to advance your paper to the special issue.

Administrative Cost: There is an administrative cost for publishing in JMI. MWAOM covers the cost for the first 25 pages ($100), and authors are responsible for any additional pages. This fee includes a one-year subscription to the journal.

Reviewers Needed: We are always in need of reviewers for the special issue. If interested, please sign up [here](link to be provided).

Preparing for special issue: We strongly encourage you to participate in the PDW Path To Publish, designed to assist authors in preparing their manuscripts for submission to the conference and, ultimately, the special issue. For more information, please visit (link to the PDW Path to Publish). 

2024 Special Issue (available Summer 2024)